Author Topic: Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand  (Read 445 times)


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Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand
« on: July 21, 2017, 11:01:34 AM »

A five-year-old girl was fined £150 by a council for selling 50p cups of lemonade to festival goers.

The girl's father Andre Spicer said his daughter had set up the stall in Mile End, east London, while thousands of music fans were on their way to the Lovebox Festival at the weekend.

Mr Spicer said his daughter burst into tears and told him "I've done a bad thing."

An interesting reader commented "The little girl was not fined, the father was, as he was selling food/drink without a permit. The fact that he had his daughter with him who was crying is beside the point. Maybe the council officials were a bit overzealous and should told him that he was not allowed to sell lemonade without a permit and given him a warning. The reason there is a need for a permit is that if what you are selling makes somebody ill, it would be traceable. Do people really want to be drinking/eating things that they have no idea what they could contain?"

However it's interesting to think how much protection do we need from the government  to the point of enforcement and  fines should people start taking more responsibility would be nice if we could have a balance between the two. Where a girl selling lemonade with fresh and clear ingredients can do exactly that.
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